Moving Images + Metaphysics

Mind Heart Lens is the filmmaking identity of TX director, Bob Peck
  • The joy of Sri Amma Karunamayi is in the edit bay.

  • The next film project is based on alternative grassroots rehabilitation programs for American inmates. It dovetails off of the story of Richie Flores, an ex-con, in my first movie. In the latest filmed discussion of our intentions for the project, Richie and Geoff (of Community Yoga Austin) flipped the camera on me for my take on what we’re trying to accomplish with this film.

  • How to make a religious, educational, talking-heads-style documentary film look exciting? Hire Brandon Mike to invert our traditional logo into a chakra-laden negative.

  • Sri Amma Karunamayi visited Austin, TX in April 2014. After blessing a thousand people throughout the course of the weekend, giving lectures, guiding meditations, and igniting a homa (sacred fire), on her last day in town she still made time to answer questions from a couple of anxious hippie filmmakers. In a private, conclusive moment, Amma offered some incredible, personal insight and motherly comfort to us and her closest devotees.

  • August 31st 2013. This is the very first (private) screening of The Kingdom Within, that we held for family, friends, crew, interviewees, and contributors to our humble Indiegogo campaign. The crowd had reasons to like it, but they did. I give the NAMASTE prayer hands in sincere thanks.